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The Fire Warden's House, built in 1937 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a stunning example of 'American Rustic" architecture.

The Bunkhouse/Office was used as summer employee housing, an office and truck bays. It's currently used as an exhibit space and for Archives.


The Machine Shop, with its forge and welding equipment, was formerly a repair shop and now houses the Corliss Bullwheel and exhibits on logging, the mill and SITPA lookouts

The Pumphouse was SITPA's gas station for the site. It is now used as an outlet for recycled books.


The Assistant Fire Warden's House was built in the early 1950s by Howard Koskella, SITPA's assistant fire warden. In 2010, it was placed on the National Register and is currently used as a private residence.

The Corliss Bullwheel was part of the Corliss Steam Engine (c.1900), that ran the McCall sawmill from 1940 until it closed in 1977. This impressive, red wheel measures 19 feet in diameter, weighs approximately 22 tons and ran the entire mill using a belt and pulley system. (CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO)

The Carpenter's Shop was where SITPA's woodworking was done. It is now the classroom for POTS and on occasion, a lecture hall and meeting place.

The Foresters Walk meanders through the southern most acre of the site and except for the brick path, is little changed from 1937. The metal tower with cab is the Sloan Lookout built by Aermotor (c.1936) and erected with CCC labor. It stood on the Payette National forest from 1935 until the 1980s and was over 80 feet tall.


The museum is honored to be the State of Idaho's official site for "The Worker", a bronze statue representing the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)

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